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At Adams Dental, the husband and wife team of Dr. Michael J. Adams, DDS and Dr. Pamela G. Adams, DDS, MS are passionate about their dentistry and committed to your total comfort.

The Clearwater FL Dentist Who Makes Achieving a Beautiful Smile a Pleasurable Experience

Top Dentist Award Tampa BayAs highly regarded health professionals, Drs. Adams provide exceptional dental care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. They are experts in making patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their visits to the Clearwater office. In fact, your visit to our cottage retreat becomes a pleasurable time you’ll look forward to.

Award Winning Dental Practice

You might not expect a trip to the dentist to be a luxurious experience, but Adams Dental believes that’s exactly how you should feel about it. Your doctor and assistant will focus on your individual care for the duration of your visit, while you’re just feeling pampered and restful. You’ll relax in a comfortable chair and gaze through a picture window onto a tropical garden frequented by a variety of wildlife. Select some music to listen to, and know you’re being cared for by the best.

Dr. Pamela Featured Nationally in a Blondie Cartoon

Dr Adams - Dentists Clearwater FL

Whether restoring your teeth to their original, natural beauty or creating a stunning new smile, our professional, up-to-date team will help you achieve your dream.

The American Registry awarding our practice Top Dentists in Tampa Area for 2013

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