Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge and Tooth Bridge

dental bridge

When is a dental bridge or tooth bridge needed, and what is it?

A dental bridge may be needed when a tooth is missing, but there is at least one tooth available for a permanent attachment.

How do dental bridges work?

At least one tooth on either side of the bridge is prepared for a crown. Then a false tooth is joined to the crown or crowns, and the complete structure is cemented to the teeth that have been prepared. Since it’s cemented in, the bridge cannot be removed, but a well-made structure will feel like natural teeth.

See before and after photos by Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Pamela Adams.

What are the parts of a dental bridge?

The false tooth is called a pontic, and the teeth with crowns are called abutments.

What is the alternative to a dental bridge, and how does one decide?

An alternative to tooth bridges is dental implants. Both can be excellent choices, and the decision process between the two can be very personal and very complex. Many subtle differences in individual anatomy can make one choice preferred over the other. We can explain these considerations and help you make a decision you will be happy with. Whatever choice is ultimately made, filling a gap in your teeth can have a major impact on the quality of your life.

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