Digital X-rays

digital xray

Why Do We Need Digital X-Rays for Dental Treatment?

Digital X-rays are a great way for Dr. Pamela and Dr. Michael Adams to look inside your teeth and gums. They can immediately see what’s going on with the various structures in and near the mouth and show it to you on a video screen.

Dental X-rays, including digital X-rays, play an important role in the diagnosis of decay and failing restorations, the correct placement of dental implants and the proper treatment of teeth requiring root canals.

Digital X-rays are utilized outside the mouth to evaluate the upper and lower jaws, the sinuses and the temporomandibular joints.

Although all dental X-rays, including digital X-rays, use very low levels of radiation and are very safe, they should only be taken when necessary. The beam is limited in energy and focused on a very small area, reducing scatter radiation to surrounding tissues. Protective lead aprons are used to cover various body parts such as the abdominal area and the thyroid gland when dental/digital X-rays are taken.

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